Experience Professional-Grade Results at Home For Less Than The Cost of One Facial!

We simplify your skincare routine without sacrificing results.

Professional Transformation Treatment Pads

Professional Transformation Treatment Pads
Professional Transformation Treatment Pads
Professional Transformation Treatment Pads
Professional Transformation Treatment Pads

Professional Transformation Treatment Pads

Welcome to the culmination of two decades of passion and expertise. Introducing our revolutionary skincare treatment pads — the first product dreamt up on our journey to becoming skincare specialists. Inspired by industry pioneers and perfected through relentless innovation, these pads are not just a product; they're a professional treatment in the palm of your hand.  

Simplify your skincare routine without sacrificing results. Our treatment pads are designed for every woman tired of complicated, costly skincare regimes that fail to deliver. With our carefully formulated blend of Glycolic, Lactic, and Malic acids, experience professional-grade skincare at home. Suitable for 3x  weekly use by most skin types. 

Just three times a week for regular skin, or tailored to your sensitive skin’s needs, our pads reduce treatment time, saving you both effort and money. Imagine cutting back on your routine while enhancing its effects — this is the promise of our treatment pads. 

 The Results? Users report visible improvements in skin texture, tone, fine lines and hydration within just a few weeks. 

Each application is a step towards revitalized, glowing skin that feels as good as it looks. 

Discover why estheticians choose these pads to use in backback and join the skincare revolution. 

Simplify your routine, not your results. 

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As a skin care addict, I find myself looking for products that allow me to take my skin to the next level when I’m at home. These pads do exactly that! My skin feels and looks better with each use! It’s helped even out my skin tone, reduced my old acne scars and continues to amaze me. I love looking at my skin in the mirror and seeing the transformation. Montarbo has officially changed the skincare game with these. They are packed with product and power. Once again Montarbo Skin Care has knocked another one out of the park!! - Deanna Mellos, CA
I’ve been using the professional transformation treatment pads by Montarbo for about two months now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin. My texture has started to evened, my cystic acne is clearing and my scars from previous acne is fading. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to get an even complexion. 10/10- my favorite new addition to my beauty routine. - Vanessa Soto, CA
The Professional Transformation Treatment Pads are a total game changer! I’ve noticed tightening of the skin, lightening of pigmentation, and some much-needed exfoliation. If you’re using Montarbo Skincare products, you have to add this to your skincare regimen. It’s now my favorite product. My overall skincare is a continued work in progress, and I have Montarbo Skincare to thank. - Maria Garcia, San Diego, CA
  • Instantly exfoliates dull and blemished skin, revealing a clearer, smoother skin tone and texture
  • Brightens uneven skin tone, dark spots, lip discoloration, and pigmentation from acne spots and sun damage, giving you the power to toss the heavy concealer
  •  Intensely hydrates dry, damaged, and irritated skin, making your skin extra juicy and plump
  • Prevents blemishes, breakouts, discoloration, and aging skin with a plethora of skin loving antioxidants that'll illuminate and tighten your skin
  • Repairs aging skin, sun damage, and excessive oil glands, creating a long-standing youthful glow.
Start off by using one pad per week at night only, regardless of skin type until skin acclimates. 

Then, use every other night if needed or as directed by your skincare professional. Gently apply to clean skin by pressing pad into the skin. 

Then, wipe the pad across the skin to help instantly brighten, tighten, and lift skin. Focus on areas of concern and let soak into skin. Rinse anytime if skin feels too active, but rinsing is not necessary. Follow with a serum or moisturizer. 
May experience light sensitivity, redness, flaking, and purging at first due to the proven active ingredients designed to transform skin. With regular use, side effects should subside.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pads are enriched with a potent blend of active ingredients: Lactic Acid: An AHA that increases cell turnover and combats acne, scars, and pigmentation. 

Mandelic Acid: Targets redness, acne, scars, inflammation, and aging skin.
Glycerin: A humectant that hydrates and protects your skin barrier. Salicylic Acid: A BHA that exfoliates and treats acne, reducing redness and pore size. 
Niacinamide: Reduces redness, inflammation, and pigmentation concerns. 
Vitamin C and B5: Plump and even skin tone while deeply moisturizing. 
Alpha-Arbutin: A skin-brightening compound that targets pigmentation issues. 
Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract: Minimizes redness and strengthens the skin​​.