Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment

Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment
Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment
Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment
Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment
Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment
Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment
Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment
Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment

Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment


Quickly and dramatically improves the complexion of the skin, allowing our clients to achieve a brighter, tighter, and more youthful-looking complexion at home.

Imagine looking in the mirror each morning feeling more and more excited by the transformation you see in your skin. The truth is, when the skin receives the right amount of active ingredients, you can easily achieve your skincare goals and transform your skin so that it appears more radiant, beautiful, and clear.

Our Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment instantly exfoliates the skin, giving it the ability to glow with clarity and confidence—beyond what you dreamed was possible at home. The treatment works on nearly every skin concern imaginable from blemishes to pigmentation, to sun-damage, to acne, and aging skin. It allows you to achieve multiple benefits in one easy-to-use treatment when applied a few times a week or as often as exfoliation is desired.

Deliciously smoother and gorgeous skin, ready to face the world with little to no makeup, starts here. Acne, pigmentation, and aging skin, you will not be missed one bit.

With regular use, Our ALBT helps improve multiple skin concerns at once so you can confidently appreciate your skin, beauty and age.

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  • Exfoliates dead skin buildup, dryness, and dullness, revealing a more hydrated and youthful glow worthy of a red carpet event
  • Brightens uneven skin tone, pigmentation, melasma, and PIH, giving you the power to wear little to no makeup
  • Diminishes the look of aging skin and sun-damage, helping your skin look more radiant and supple
  • Minimizes mild acne scars and uneven texture, giving you velvety soft and smooth skin
  • Stimulates new skin cells, diminishing aging skin and fine lines, allowing the skin to become hydrated and plump so existing lines become less visible
  • Minimizes breakouts, blemishes, PIH, oil production, and acne congestion, so your skin feels squeaky clean and clear
  • Allows other products to penetrate deeper into the skin, so you get more bang for your buck, even with affordable products


Remember, less is more. The more product you use and the longer you leave it on, the more dryness and exfoliation that will occur. At first, it's best to use only once or twice a week until you build up a tolerance. No more than 3 times a week is recommended if you're using other exfoliating agents or acne products, as excessive dryness or irritation may occur.

  1.  At night dispense 6 to 10 drops onto a flat cotton pad and apply one pass to clean skin, much like a toner.
  2. Allow first pass to absorb.
  3. Then continue to use what's left on your cotton pad by dabbing the rest into your skin, focusing on areas in need of more exfoliation and brightening.
  4. Allow product to penetrate the skin for 1-5 mins depending on your skin’s tolerance, then rinse. You can rinse or spray your skin with a facial mist anytime you want to neutralize.
  5. If you feel your skin is ready for a more advanced treatment, leave the product on skin or apply another 6 drops and do another pass following steps 1 and 3.
  6. Then apply our Beauty Elixir or 12% Vitalizing Vitamin C Serum, or apply your favorite product that will absorb deeper into the skin for added brightening.


  • Mild dryness, flaking, and redness at first, is normal. This is what we expect, but this kind of reaction doesn't need to occur in order for the product to work.
  • Mild sensitivity. If you become "too" sensitive, adjust your usage. Use less product during application or use only once a week until your skin builds up a tolerance. Only you know your skin, so trust what feels right.
  • Sun sensitivity. SPF 30 or higher must be used and reapplied when using any of our products as they are active.
  • Mild acne purging. If you have hidden acne or congestion below the surface of the skin, our Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment will start to pull it up and out of the skin. This is actually desirable in order to clear and clean your skin or the product may be too strong for you. In this case, use less product during application or skip a week and treat every two weeks.
  • Skin looking worse before it looks better. This is actually a good sign that the product is working to transform the hidden damage below the surface of the skin. Try to be patient and use a quality moisturizer 2 times a day along with plenty of SPF. Remain positive and optimistic.
  • Sensitivity can occur if you are sensitive to acids, and stronger ingredients, or if you've applied the products too aggressively and used more than directed.
  • Please remember that each person's skin is unique, much like a fingerprint. So are each individual's skin concerns, goals and expectations. We ask that you remain patient. Individual results vary depending on lifestyle, products used in the past, current state of the skin and health, how much hidden damage or congestion is below the skin's surface, skin sensitivity, how consistent you are with your regimen and how you apply the product.

 Cautions: If you have sensitive skin, are new to exfoliation and strong AHA products, this product may not be for you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone looking to drastically improve the appearance of the skin quickly. This product is potent and powerful, and allows our clients to achieve a brighter, tighter, and more youthful-looking complexion at home.