Youthful Glow Transformation Kit

$224.00 $179.00
Youthful Glow Transformation Kit
Youthful Glow Transformation Kit

Youthful Glow Transformation Kit

$224.00 $179.00
Looking to have the most youthful and healthy looking skin this winter? It's a done deal darling! 

Our Youthful Glow Gift Set it's the perfect give-or-receive this year. 

It is already gift warped with three top-selling products in our beautiful pink PR box so you can confidently give to someone special.

This set is perfect for dry and aging skin that appears dull with pigmentation and fine lines. 

This set comes without the viral Lactic Brightening Treatment, Beauty Elixir, and our Extreme Hydration Repair Mask, a daily hydration serum. 

When all products are used consistently, your skin will become more healthy and youthful looking this holiday season. 

If you are new to using our products, we recommend only using the Lactic Brightening Treatment once a week. 

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*Exfoliates aging skin, dryness, and dullness revealing a more hydrated and youthful glow worthy of a holiday event

*Brightens uneven skin tone, pigmentation, melasma and PIH giving you the power to wear little to no makeup this holiday season

*Diminishes the look of aging skin and sun-damage helping your skin feel plump and more healthy looking

*Minimizes mild acne scars and uneven texture giving you smoother, softer and more kissable skin

Best to do "Step one" only three nights a week following recommendations below. 

Step one: Apply 10-15 drops of Advanced Lactic Brightening Treatment to clean skin using a cotton. Work solution into the skin by wipping cotton back and forth, then press the solution into skin focusing on troubled areas.

Continue to use what’s left on cotton by pressing all of the solution into the troubled areas that you want more brightening and results. Be sure the skin has fully absorbed the solution before proceeding to step 2. ( At this point, you may start feeling more activity and tightening which is to be expected.) You can rinse anytime to stop activity. 

Step two: After 10 mins, rinse skin with cold water. 

Step three: Apply 6-10 drops of Beauty Elixir all over and let absorb for five min. Feel free to apply more Beauty Elixir stubbron areas like fine lines, melasma, etc. 

Step four: Apply pea size amount of the Extreme Hydration Repair Mask onto of the Beauty Elixir and do nothing else. Extreme Hydration Repair Mask twice daily as a hydration serum during the week. And use your beauty elixir every other day using 6 to 10 drops all over after you cleanse or exfoliate.  

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Normal to mature skin with fine lines, dryness, pigmentation and sun-damage. 

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