"At Montarbo Skincare, we believe that achieving healthy, and more flawless
skin is not just a dream, but an achievable reality. " Cody Montarbo



Montarbo Skincare is a professional-grade indie skincare brand created by skin expert and master Esthetician Cody Montarbo, who’s dedicated to helping its customers achieve their best skin ever.

Our professional-grade products are created with years of experience and science based ingredients, providing our customers with trustworthy, effective solutions for aging and acne prone skin that deliver dramatic results.

We believe in empowering people to take control of their own skincare journey by offering only the highest quality products at an affordable price - all backed by our guarantee of satisfaction or your money back!

With Montarbo Skincare, you will notice a difference in your skin every day as you continue on your path towards beautiful, healthy-looking complexion and radiant confidence.


The Montarbo Skincare journey began over a decade ago, when founder Cody Montarbo turned his life around after overcoming homelessness and addiction to drugs since childhood.

Driven by his newfound passion for life, Cody created his first all-natural skincare line from the confines of his kitchen. Having battled acne and premature aging growing up in Hawaii, he understood the mental anguish that comes with troubled skin.

With increasing demand, Cody partnered with scientists and embraced cutting-edge technology to refine and develop his formulations. As a result, Montarbo Skincare has gone through six reformulations, always staying ahead of the curve in innovation and ingredient technology.

The results of his products were life-changing for his clients - wiping away self-doubt and boosting Today, Montarbo Skincare stands as a testament to Cody's unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.

Montarbo is built upon the foundation of only using professional-grade ingredients, carefully curated to deliver exceptional results for troubled skin concerns like adult acne and aging skin. Our products are a testament to Cody's vision and his determination to create solutions that empower individuals to achieve the radiant, healthy skin they deserve.


Since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with beautiful skin, makeup and skincare products. But after struggling with my own skin and working for many skincare lines, I got frustrated with not seeing sustainable results on myself and my clients.

So in 2004, I created my first skincare line in my kitchen using all natural ingredients. Since then I've been through several reformulations and no longer make skincare in my kitchen. 

Today I work closely with several cosmetic companies and scientist that help me bring to market the most effective ingredients and formulas that consistently deliver reliable results that my clients trust. 

Often professional grade skincare products are misunderstood and can be extremely expensive. Many people don’t believe they offer a significant difference compared to drugstore brands. 

In my experience, I've found that the right formulation of cosmeceuticals ingredients offer exceptional results because they are formulated with a concentrated amount of stable, active ingredients that you just don’t find over the counter.

Thousands of our clients have experienced dramatic and sustainable results when they combine our professional spa treatments with a proper home care regimen. 

I stand behind our products and ingredients, as I test them thoroughly both in office on my personal clients and at home before I add a new product to the store. I never add a new product unless I see actual changes in the skin and my clients say, “OMG - I need this, when can I buy it?" 



My Mission

For nearly 25 years, I've been on a mission to help women achieve the most healthy, gorgeous skin possible. I believe every woman deserves to feel confident, sexy and beautiful without needing to wear a lot of makeup or foundation (unless that’s your thing!).  

I personally do whatever it takes to help my clients achieve incredible skin and unbelievable results with simple, active ingredients. It’s an honor to be trusted with someone's face, and not something that I take lightly.  

What I love most about what I do is seeing my client's smile and glow with confidence. I'm humbled daily by the difference my passion and obsession makes in women’s lives.

At Montarbo Skincarestore.com, you can ALWAYS expect to receive exceptional customer service and the highest quality professional grade skincare products at an affordable price.  

I hope that I can earn your trust one day and help you have the most healthy, glowing and gorgeous skin possible. 



Cody Montarbo is a seasoned professional with 25 years experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry. He is a licensed aesthetician, skincare specialist, chemical peel and acne expert, makeup artist, and the creator of Montarbo Skincare.  


Cody currently consults and coaches for major brands, helping them create, market and sell their products and services with soul and substance. He also coaches salon and spa owners across the country. As a top skincare trainer and makeup artist, Cody has trained under many leading brands, such as MAC Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Christian Dior, Prescriptives and Obagi.  He has also worked in other salons and medical spas across the states before opening Montarbo Skincare. 


Cody is a passionate lifelong learner, and has received additional advanced esthetics training for skincare, chemical peels and medical-grade facial treatments from a medical doctor and a surgical center. He has performed thousands of chemical peels and facials, successfully treating acne, discoloration and aging skin. 


On a personal level, Cody is well known for his warmth, sense of humor, authenticity and intuitive touch and thoroughness. 


Let Cody help you achieve healthy, glowing and gorgeous skin!