Blemish and Breakout Kit

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Blemish and Breakout Kit
Blemish and Breakout Kit

Blemish and Breakout Kit

$154.00 $123.20
Trying to get your skin under control this holiday season? We got you! 

If you are experiencing more blemishes and breakouts than desired, then you will absolutely love the results your experience with our Holiday Blemish and Breakout Kit. 

Our Blemish and Breakout Kit will leave your skin clean and clear with regular use. It will aslo make your skin appear less oily and more  helathy looking. 

It is recommended that you only use this kit three nights a week at first. You can always back off if you are more sensitive or need a break. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Normal to oily skin. Adult acne prone with PIH. 

  • Improves breakouts, blemishes, PIH, oiliness, and acne congestion so your skin feels clean, clear and smoother
  • Exfoliate dead skin making skin appear glowing and gorgeous
  • Minimizes mild acne scars and uneven texture giving you smoother, softer and more delicious looking skin
  • Brightens uneven skin tone, pigmentation, melasma and PIH giving you the power to toss the concealer. 
Step 1. Apply 3-4 pumps of Advanced Exfoliating Cleanser onto clean, dry skin massaging for 30-45 seconds concentrating on areas of concern. 

Feel free to use more cleansers if you are very oily or advanced. Many feel the activity of this cleanser right away. This is normal and a good sign of a highly concentrated product. Feel free to use less product at first until the skin acclimates if needed. 

Step 2. Rinse face with cold water and gently dab skin dry. Step 3. Apply 10 drops of Salicylic Acid Treatment to the 2x2 cotton. Apply all over the skin much like a toner, making sure you are removing all oil, dirt, or leftover makeup. Focus on the outer perimeter of the face, such as the hairline, jaw, and ears, and do a thorough job removing all debris. 

Be sure the skin has fully absorbed the Salicylic Acid Treatment solution before proceeding to step 3 ( about 3-5 mins). At this point, you may start feeling more activity and tightening which is to be expected. Leave the solution on the skin and follow step three. 

If you are more sensitive or new to our products, you may rinse to stop the activity and proceed to step five. 

Step 3. Hydrate skin using our Extreme Moisture Repair Serum by applying two pumps all over the skin.  

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