Can Washing Your Face Help You Find True Love?

Can Washing Your Face Help You Find True Love?

Feb 14 , 2024


Cody Montarbo

How Washing Your Face Can Help You Find Love: The Unfiltered Truth Behind Self-Care and Soulmates


Hey Beautiful Souls,


In a world where swiping left is easier than finding a good facial cleanser, let me drop a truth bomb: Your next great love story might just start in front of your bathroom mirror.


After a breakup that left me binge-watching rom-coms and questioning if I'd ever find "The One," I found myself in a church, of all places, on Valentine's Day. The preacher’s message was clear: Love is everywhere, in everything, and most importantly, in everyone — including the person staring back at you in the mirror.


This got me thinking. What if the key to attracting love wasn't about making sure you smell like roses (unless it's your toner, then carry on) but about how you treat and feel about yourself? It hit me like a ton of expired makeup: Loving yourself is your most attractive feature. 


As we navigate this journey of redefining love, during our "Love Your Skin Event," we want to introduce you to three simple yet profound practices of mindfulness that embody our philosophy at Montarbo Skincare. The first one is the art of cleaning your skin consciously.


The Art of Conscious Cleaning:

Step 1: Consciously Cleanse: Engage fully with the act of cleansing. Turn off the autopilot and immerse yourself in the experience. Start with your skincare routine. Each stroke, each scrub, it's sud, isn't just about clearing away dirt; it's about appreciating the beauty staring back at you.

This isn’t just soap; your self-love awareness is like pouring liquid love on your face. Do this for 30 days and report back on the transformation you've seen not only in your body but in your attitude and confidence. Click here to read my most recent blog post teaching you how to master the art of consciously cleaning. 



Step 2: Present Product Practice: Every product has a story and took years to make. Think about the people that went into making this formula, not only the founder but the scientists, the people that grew the active ingredients, the people that work at the lab, and the fulfillment and manufacturing teams.

The aesthetician can talk about our products, and there are many moving parts that go into this product. Please consider the ingredients, consider for a moment the feel of the texture of the product on your plate to your skin. Is it cool? Is it sticky? Become so present with your products that you are falling in love with them and thank them for the results that they will provide. Watch those products ready to put a ring on it.


Step 3: Attraction Application: When we love our flaws, they become invisible. "What we fight against, we become." When was the last time you looked in the mirror and appreciated your face and skin? I bet almost never! Sweetheart, the sooner you start appreciating your flaws and your fumbles, the quicker you will radiate confidence. And guess what? Confidence is sexy. Confidence is knowing that in your imperfection and humility, you are perfect. Suddenly, you're not just attracting admirers; you're attracting the kind of love that mirrors the love you have for yourself.


So, before you start worrying about finding the perfect partner, take a moment to honor your most committed relationship: the one with yourself. Turns out, the best foundation isn’t found in a bottle—it’s built on self-love.


To all my single ladies (and gents) this Valentine’s: Your skincare routine is doing more than keeping you youthful; it’s teaching you how to love unconditionally. Who knew that washing your face could be the secret to unlocking the love of a lifetime? I didn’t, until I tried it. Now it’s your turn.


Remember, the path to finding true love might just require getting a little wet. So, lather up, rinse off, and open your heart. The love you find might just surprise you.


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Much love,

Cody, your skincare lover! 

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